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To contact us about MontanaLawHelp.org website content or issues, use this form. If you wish to apply for legal services, please go to our Apply for Legal Services page. If you need help finding legal information on our website, click the "Chat Now" button in the bottom right corner of the website. 

DO NOT use this form to ask for legal advice or for help finding a lawyer. We do not respond to requests for legal help. A form that asks for legal help or advice does not create a lawyer-client relationship.

When to use this Contact Form for Website Issues:

  • Problems with the website, like:
    • An error on the site
    • Broken links
  • Things that are out of date – organization information or self-help resources
  • Suggestions about things to add:
    • Organizations that give free or low cost legal help to Minnesota residents
    • Legal information and other self-help resources
  • Questions or concerns about our privacy policy
When you use the Contact Form to send us a request, we keep a record of it. The record is saved privately on our website and deleted following our policies.
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