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Includes: domestic violence, parenting plans and custody, child support, order of protection, divorce, paternity, education, getting married, name and gender changes, child abuse & neglect, taxes: spouses and families, adoption, grandparents' rights, youth and young adult specific resources
Includes: unemployment benefits, food assistance, tanf and cash assistance, medicaid, medicare, social security benefits, benefits for kids, public housing and subsidized housing, veterans benefits, help paying for utilities
Includes: evictions, utility shutoffs, domestic violence & housing, mobile homes, repairs, conflict with roommates or neighbors, security deposits, leases/rental agreements, local and property taxes, foreclosure, landlord info, homeowners, other housing info, public housing and subsidized housing, housing discrimination
Includes: domestic violence, no contact orders, elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation, order of protection, frauds & scams, help for victims of crime, stalking, name and gender changes, sexual assault, child abuse & neglect, plans to stay safe
Includes: debt collector harassment, is it a legitimate debt?, collection lawsuits, bankruptcy, collections, wage garnishment, and levies, credit reports, loans, identity theft, car/truck payments, storage unit payments, taxes, free tax filing sites
Includes: elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation, planning ahead, probate and settling an estate, wills for native americans
Includes: becoming a us citizen, getting a green card (permanent residence status), immigrant rights, refugees and asylees/asylum seekers, domestic violence and human trafficking, how to find an immigration attorney, employment, farm workers and h-2a visa workers
Includes: healthcare power of attorney and advanced directives, medicaid, medicare, benefits for kids, veterans benefits
Includes: general tribal resources, wills for native americans, indian child welfare act (icwa), blackfeet reservation, rocky boy reservation, flathead reservation, crow reservation, fort belknap reservation, fort peck reservation, little shell tribe, northern cheyenne reservation
Includes: discrimination and sexual harassment, unemployment benefits, earned income tax credit, worker rights, workers’ compensation, veterans, farm workers and h-2a visa workers
Includes: lgbtqi+ civil rights, lgbtqi+ victims of crime resources, name and gender changes
Includes: essential legal forms, laws and legal terms, representing yourself in court, courts, attorneys, small claims court, self-help videos
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